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  • Welcome to the Creativity Portal!

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    This site is managed by Claire Zevnik from CIMC and is designed as an information portal to support, enhance, and build on our Career Focus on Creativity publication. We hope it will grow to include creativity activities, links to websites, information on research and initiatives, video clips, and much more that educators can use to encourage creativity in the classroom.

    Please feel free to contact me with ideas, suggestions, thoughts, contributions, etc. via email at or by phone at 405.743.5513 M-Th from 7-4:30 or F from 7-11.

  • Creativity Assessments

    This section of the portal provides links to various assessments of creativity.


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    Some of the assessments are short and simple, and others are more complex. If you have information on assessments you use, have found, or know about, please let us know about them by emailing and we will be happy to include this information as appropriate.

  • Web Links from Career Focus on Creativity

    This section of the Creativity Portal provides active links for the websites we recommended or suggested in Career Focus on Creativity.

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  • Sample of Career Focus on Creativity Print publication

    This is a sample edition of Career Focus on Creativity.

    It is eight pages pulled from the 36-page publication designed to give you an idea of what the print publication looks like and how it is put together. Included are the Table of Contents, a couple of articles from the publication, and one of the activities that can be used with educators or students.

    • Creativity Discussions

      This is a discussion forum for topics related to creativity and innovation in education.

      If you would like to post to the forum, you will need to sign up for a FREE account with us. At this time, guests can only view the forum but cannot make posts or comments.

    • Creativity: Some Suggested Resources publication

      This publication was created by Craig Maile of CIMC as a tool for anyone looking for resources on creativity.

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      "As the workplace becomes increasingly competitive on a global scale, educators and employers must re-think what creativity is all about. Once the domain of “creative” people, creativity today represents a characteristic of all people that can be nurtured, strengthened, and supported. The rewards for a more inclusive and more purposeful focus on creativity include greater innovation, enhanced motivation, and improved competitiveness. As a manager, I am always looking for resources that may be useful in my work. This is a list of some that you may find useful, too."
      — Craig Maile, Manager, Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center

      • Creativity Websites We've Found

        Here are some websites we have found related to creativity - or sites that have been recommended by creative colleagues!

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