Division Contacts

Contact the designated support person from your division if you need assistance with your ctYOU.org course site:

Agricultural Education
Kurt Murray, 405-743-5489

Business & Industry Services
Lori Laufer, 405-385-3176

Carrie DeMuth, 405-743-5121

Holly Hanan, 405-743-5466

Health Careers Education
Lara Morris, 405-743-5106

Professional Development
Caitlin Ellis, 405-743-5196

Tonja Norwood, 405-743-5426

Skills USA
Darren Gibson, 405-743-5143

Trade & Industrial Education
Kevin Terronez, 405-743-5176
Ric Russell, 405-743-5424

General ctYOU.org Support (please email for fastest service)
Margi Cooper, 405-743-5538

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