Questions and Answers

If you don't see your question listed below, check out the documentation at Follow the help items that refer to Moodle version 3.11. Otherwise, please send your question in an email.

Q: Who do I contact for support?

A: Students should contact their instructors. Instructors and staff should email their division contact for content-related questions. For general support, instructors and staff should send an email.

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: Note: If you cannot access your email, or if your email system blocks the confirmation email, you'll need to email CIMC staff for help resetting your password. Otherwise, use the steps below:

    1. Click the “Login” link in the upper right.
    2. Click the “Forgotten your username or password?” link.
    3. On this page, the username or the email address can be used. Enter either your email address or user ID and click “Search.”
    4. A Confirmation page will appear. Click Continue.
    5. Open the automated email message sent to you.
    6. Click the link in the email, which will take you back to to a page where you set your own password.
    7. Type in your new password using the requirements stated on the page, and then type it in again to confirm it.
    8. Click “save changes,” and it should take you to either a page that says “continue,” or back to the home page.
    9. Click the "Log in" link and log in using your new password.

Q: I think our school's email system is blocking the students' user ID confirmation email. What do I need to do?

A: Please send a list of your students, their email addresses, and their user IDs via email, and we will manually confirm the students' user ID.

Q: How do I set or change my course’s enrollment key?

A: On your course site, click to turn editing on. In the Administration block, click Users > Enrollment Methods. Click to unhide Self Enrollment (Student) if it is hidden. Click the gear symbol next to Self Enrollment (Student). Type in the new Enrollment Key in the space provided. You may click Unmask to reveal the existing enrollment key.

Q: Can I reorder/rearrange the columns in the Grade Book?

A: Yes. On the Grade Report page on the pull-down menu, click Categories > Simple View. Click the up/down arrow in the Action column of the item you wish to move and place it where you want it.

Q: How do I get the Moodle app to work on my phone?

A: The ctYou site has enabled the use of the free Moodle app. However, uses a responsive CSS so the site automatically adjusts to any screen size. This means no app is required (yay!). So, if you cannot get the app to work, you can still view content on your phone or tablet! Please be aware that, because of the wide range of makes and models of phones and our small staff, we cannot support the Moodle app.

Q: I have set a date for my quizzes to open at a certain time, but the quizzes do not open at the right time. What's wrong?

When setting the timing on a quiz to open and close for a certain class period, in addition to enabling the times for the quiz to open and close, you must also enable and set the time limit. Also, the quiz feature uses military time (a 24-hour clock). For morning courses, use the usual time. To set the time for afternoon and evening courses, 1 pm = 13:00; 2 pm = 14:00; 3 pm = 15:00; and so on. In other words, add 12 to the hour, for example 1 pm = 1 + 12 or 13:00. To read military time, do just the opposite and subtract 12 from the time showing, so 20:30 = 8:30 pm. Keep in mind, too, that the server time may be a few minutes different from the time on the clock in your classroom. To compensate for this, you may need to adjust the quiz time in the appropriate direction by a few minutes, or add a few minutes of cushion on either the opening and closing time of the quiz. For convenience, a clock block appears throughout, which may be hidden by the instructor.

Q: Can I enable a Google repository, such as YouTube or Google Drive?

A: You can create a link to Google Drive, YouTube or any other Google app in your course. However, since is a server for many schools and tech centers, seamless Google app integration is not possible. This will only work if a school has its own Moodle server.

Q: How do I request a course site on this server?

A: Please fill out the course request form linked on the home page. Once the form is submitted, someone at the CareerTech state agency will hand craft your course site and contact you by email or by phone after it is ready. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of course sites an instructor can have?

A: No. An instructor can have as many course sites as they can manage. :-)

Q: Did you know words such as "enroll," "customize," and "organization" are misspelled on the site?

A: The main Moodle developers reside in Australia, a country that uses British English. We have chosen to not force American English on this server to allow non-English speakers to take advantage of auto-translation capabilities built into certain web tools. If you prefer American English, click on your name in the upper right, and then click on Edit Profile. Under Preferred Language, click on English-United States (en_us), and then click on the Update Profile button at the bottom of the screen.

Q: How do I enable/disable guest access for my course?

A: On your course site, click to turn editing on. In the Administration block, click Edit Settings > Guest Access > and then click Yes or No under Allow Guest Access. In the Administration block, click Users > Enrollment Methods. Click to show Guest Access if it is hidden.

Q: Will students be allowed to store the assignments and files they upload to the course site indefinitely?

A: No. At the end of your course, you will need to delete your student users and prepare for the next semester. Encourage students to download their files within a week of the conclusion of your course. Students should consider using a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox to save their files. 

Q: Can I, as a teacher, monitor the messages students send to each other?

A: No, but the server administrators can. Unlike services such as SnapChat, Moodle retains all messages on the system. If you experience a problem with students abusing the message system, contact us.

Last modified: Tuesday, January 3, 2023, 3:22 PM