Course Site Request Form

Students, if you need to enroll in a course, contact your instructor.

Oklahoma CareerTech instructors and staff should use the online form linked below to request a new, blank course site on the server. Consider submitting this form at least four weeks prior to the start of your class, to allow some time to prepare your course site. You must agree to the Course Site Agreement. Course Site Agreement

As a teacher or staff member who sets up and maintains a course site, I understand that:

  • I am responsible for backing up (using the Moodle course backup tool) the course's "gradebook" (student database) onto my PC's hard drive, or other electronic media. I understand that should back up the gradebook after administering each major test and at the conclusion of the class.
  • I am responsible for "resetting" the course (cleaning student data out), and then making and saving a clean copy of the course at each course session.
  • I am responsible for obtaining permission to use all copyrighted materials in my course, and I agree to pay for the use of such materials, if necessary.
  • I will ensure my course content complies with current accessibility requirements, including posting transcripts of audio and video files and SCORM packets.
  • Posting copyrighted materials on this or any other server without written permission, even if it is hidden from public view and for my own personal use, violates copyright laws.
  • CIMC curriculum materials are copyrighted and may not be shared or redistributed on or by any other means to other teachers without written permission.
  • I understand cannot stream video. I will not save video files to my courses. Instead, I will post videos to a streaming service, such as YouTube, and then link to them.
  • If I need to post large files, such as large PowerPoints or SCORM packages, I will first notify support staff.
  • I will inform students they need to remove and/or save files they uploaded to within one week after the completion of their course.
  • I will inform my students they must practice good online citizenship or risk having their user rights revoked.
  • I understand that course sites are for educational or training purposes only and should not be used for profit.
  • I understand that course sites showing no activity within an 18-month period will be considered abandoned and may be deleted from the server.
  • I understand that users who have not logged in for more than 18 months are periodically removed from and associated data may be lost.
You are not eligible to take this questionnaire.