FREE Moodle and H5P Training Packets

Download CareerTech's FREE Moodle training packets that provide step-by-step instructions on how to design and implement your own Moodle course. Please note that these tutorials address Moodle v3.4 and the site currently uses v3.6. 

For additional training, you may self-enroll in the Moodle 3.6 courses located at COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING > Moodle Training > (or click the link). You must have a valid user ID to enroll in these courses.

For tutorials that address the H5P content types, see the titles listed below

If you have questions, please contact Margi Cooper.

Moodle Course Setup

Moodle Enrollment and Grading

Moodle Collaborative Features

Moodle Student Input Features

Moodle Content Enhancement

H5P Content Types

Now you can easily add multimedia-based learning activities to your course site! Check out these examples and tutorials!

  1. H5P Settings and Best Practices Tutorial
  2. Course Presentation Tutorial (zipped file)
  3. Timeline Tutorial (zipped file)
  4. Memory Game Tutorial (zipped file)
  5. Flashcard Tutorial (zipped file)
  6. Arithmetic Quiz Tutorial
  7. Find the Hotspot Tutorial (zipped file)
  8. Find the Multiple Hotspots Tutorial (zipped file)
  9. Accordion Tutorial
  10. Question Set Tutorial (zipped file)
  11. Essay Tutorial
  12. Image Slide Tutorial (zipped file)
  13. Interactive Video Tutorial (zipped file)
  14. Drag the Words Tutorial
  15. Image Sequencing Tutorial (zipped file)
  16. Fill in the Blanks Tutorial
  17. Mark the Words Tutorial
  18. Multiple Choice Tutorial (zipped file)
  19. Single Choice Tutorial
  20. True/False Tutorial (zipped file)
  21. Drag and Drop Tutorial (zipped file)
  22. Summary Tutorial
  23. Image Juxtaposition Tutorial (zipped file)
  24. Chart Tutorial
  25. Column Tutorial (zipped file)
  26. Image Hotspots Tutorial (zipped file)
  27. Collage Tutorial (zipped file)
  28. Audio Recordings
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