Oklahoma CareerTech teachers, staff, and strategic partners may request a course site. However, first, you must create a user account. Users must have a valid email address to authenticate their ctYOU.org user ID. To begin, click the link to log in. On the page that appears, click the link under the heading "Is this your first time here?" Fill out the online registration form and click to submit the form. The ctYOU.org site will then send you an email. Once you receive the email message automatically generated by ctYOU.org, click the link embedded in the message to authenticate your user ID. (If you do not receive the email from ctYOU.org, check your email's spam and trash folders.)

Please read our User Agreement before requesting a course site.

Next, log in and fill out the online form to request a ctYOU.org course. Note that users can choose one of many background images for the header section of their course site. You may want to choose a header image before filling out the form. Users with editing rights in the course (including teachers) can change the background image at any time.

Allow up to three days to process your request. Please note that our staff completes course requests only during business hours, Monday through Friday.

Last modified: Thursday, July 12, 2018, 12:27 PM